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You’re never too young to learn about healthy living!

An exciting new Health and Wellbeing programme for Children's Centres.

Play-Trition for Children's Centres

What is Play-Trition?

Play-Trition gives parents opportunities to engage in a variety of nutrition and physical activity sessions to support their understanding of how they and their families can lead healthier lifestyles. All sessions give families practical, fun and money saving tips on how to achieve this.

How does Play-Trition benefit my centre and improve outcomes for families?

The programme has been written to support the Children's Centre Ofsted criteria as well as the key performance health related indicators. Each session gives families practical ideas for lifestyle changes that are free or low cost.

Play-Trition is a 6 week course designed for parents to support the development of healthy lifestyle choices for the whole family.

The programme engages families in a series of one hour practical sessions that focus on physical activity and nutrition.

What we provide?

All course materials and delivery, before and after evaluations for each session and analysis of these sessions to support the Centres self-evaluation.

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