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Fit-Trition classes offer familiar, convenient fitness activities within the community

Fit-Trition for Adults in the Community

How does it work?

The two training systems are:

  • Hiper (High Intensity Power Exercise Routine)
  • Back To Basics.

The systems are individually different but based around the same principles.  The timings and overloading of the exercises in each session, allow for maximum impact in a shortened period of time. Both workouts are designed using high intensity interval training methods.

This simply means working hard for short periods of time, then taking a short rest before going back to the high intensity exercise. The exercises are stacked up against each other creating an overload effect. Maximising the impact of the session over a shortened period of time.

Fit-Trition classes offer familiar, convenient fitness activities designed for adults, to provide a functional, practical and a CONVENIENT opportunity to exercise, underpinned by a whole family approach to nutritional guidance.

Held in a community setting, a 12-week course is divided into 2 blocks of six sessions. Each individual block follows a different style of training, using a different timing and loading system with ultimately the same impact.

The bespoke fitness sessions focus on time-based exercises adapted to challenge the individual for a specific period of time, rather than completing a set number of reps. The sessions are designed to test and motivate, allowing for different levels of success while providing an increased sense of achievement and satisfaction.

The exercises are designed to be progressive and empower the participant to try the new exercises under the guidance of the instructor. The timings are designed in such a way that the participants work solely against their own personal best. This means they can work through the different options for each exercise allowing for maximum success and impact. Everyone has the chance to be successful.

What’s the benefit?

Making a lifestyle change, interacting with likeminded people who share a passion for self-improvement in a safe, fun and social environment.

  • Improve muscle tone (not building muscle but having improved body posture)
  • Improved body composition (lowering percentage body fat).
  • Provide parents with simple nutritional guidance to improve their own wellbeing and more importantly their family. Allowing for a whole life approach to health and fitness, at home and in school.
  • Practical, useable, convenient nutritional advice for the whole family.
  • Top tips for helping make small long lasting changes that will have a big impact on the adults and their families.

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