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We aim to inspire and encourage participants with a focus on fun, rewarding personal achievement, raising money and healthy competition.


Golden Mile

The Golden Mile - supporting schools to evidence impact of the sports premium

The Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable health & physical activity initiative accessible to all your pupils regardless of age or ability. We aim to inspire and encourage your school community through physical activity with the focus on fun, rewarding personal achievement, raising money and school competition. We reinforce the message from the Department of Health that children should engage in regular daily physical activity habits across the week, every week all year round.

Measurable Solutions

The Golden Mile provides measurable solutions to support head teachers in delivering new Ofsted requirements via an online data management system providing data analysis for the whole school, class by class and individual pupils.

Your school can monitor the fitness levels via our ‘Base Line Measurement’ resource. The unique Base Line Measurement that is personal to the school can identify the base level of all your pupils fitness providing a comprehensive report looking at key stages, proportion of disengaged vs. sporty children, class comparisons, challenging other schools, historical data, access to certificates, class registers and much more. These measurements can be monitored and progression throughout the school year allowing the school to plan long term physically activity strategies for ALL children in the school. With the information to hand on the levels of fitness of each child the school can dedicate Sports Premium Funding to target specific groups of children to engage them in physical activity.

Key benefits of the Baseline measurement:

Identifying activity levels of every child

Highlighting areas of focus within the school

Supporting the schools to ensure Sports Premium can impact every child not just the sporty

Monitor Impact

Measure Impact

Ofsted Sports Premium accountability report

Providing solutions to improve areas of focus

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